Team Logos with text

After creating the logos I started by looking into different team names from other football teams, the text will be integrated into the logo when used on posters and event posters. After researching all the NFL teams I began by sketching different layouts for the names and location of the teams.



I only used the Minotaur logo as an example when I was sketching out the layout of the text. I wanted to make sure that the names of the teams stood out and I found that the state or city name that corresponds to the teams was smaller but still stood out.

team names 001

When I was sketching these ideas I also experimented with different tools on Illustrator and found that the envelope distort tool with a typeface the will stand out and would be eye-catching to the audience. I also looked at other effects to add such as drop shadows and outlines around the words as well as using the colour schemes that I created for each team.

team logo 2 001


After scanning in the sketches that I had created a grid over the basic sketch and started by looking at different typefaces that I could use that would be clear to the audience as well as scale well that can be used on different scales such as a magazine spread to a billboard advertising an upcoming game. Kerning to increase the spacing between the characters and the leading between the place names, so that the characters are easier to read from a distance as well as making the team name aesthetically pleasing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 13.23.44


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