Team Poster Designs

After creating the team logos I created a poster so that the teams could be placed in the cities that they belong to as well as around cities that have up coming games with the teams participating. I started by looking at different football and sport related event posters and from the research that I did I decided to keep the team posters simple featuring the logo and team name accompanied by the NFL logo. For the background I started looking for large images of football fields that are characterised by the yard lines that are painted onto the grass. shutterstock_163265741 I found an image of a stadium that was the largest I could find and placed the image into photoshop and altered the saturation and contrast so that it was darker and looked more realistic. I was using the helmet templates which look realistic and so wanted the same authenticity for the background.



Once the background have been created I added a simple grid to keep everything aligned and to make sure that none of the team logos, helmets or the NFL logo. I placed the helmet at the bottom of the poster so that the shadow gives the affect that the helmet has been placed onto the stadium grounds and has been photographed. Finally I added the NFL logo to the base of the posters at the same level of the helmet as well as away from the edge. Uniformity of the posters was key so I made one poster background and created multiple layers for each team so that I could make sure that the helmets were all the same size and position.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 22.24.46


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