Presentation board thoughts

Last year a similar brief from the Design Museum was given that required three A3 boards to present an exhibit that we visited, research about previous design and a presentation of the final design with notes. When creating the boards last year I left the layout to the end of the project and failed to make an appealing grid or layout for the images and text and so the aesthetics of the boards, specifically the final board presenting the final design that I had created were not as well designed as I would have liked which let the project down in the final stages. To make sure that there is no repeat of this I will need to research and create grids and layouts that can be changed throughout the project because of the different volumes of text and images that will be used. Keeping all of the boards uniform will be another factor that I will have to keep in mind, having a set grid that will be used on all the boards should make them identifiable as being together and creating a flow for the reader to follow. I will also have to keep in mind what typefaces I will use and the size of the text because if the typefaces size is too large the text that I add to the boards will use up vital space and the typefaces used have to be clear for the reader.


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