Previous Design Factory Board Entries

Looking at previous examples of Design Factory entries means that I can have examples of what layouts other people used in the previous briefs and how these people overcame balances between images and text. I will also have to consider the flow of the boards for the reader because if the board is disjointed and imagery breaks up the text too much the reader will not find the board poorly designed which could affect the marking. Use of text is another factor that I need to consider because the typefaces need to be clear and easy to read and also the positioning of the text around the images, without filling the board too heavily.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 14.27.22Here are two boards that I found on the Design Factory Flickr that uses a dark background in the form of a blackboard with the text being displayed as chalk, the typeface also adds to the chalk and board because of the hand written aesthetic of the text. the layout of the boards is different, however it is clear the that layout has been considered because of the outline of the boards has been given a grid so that the imagery and text do not get too close to the edges and become difficult to read and could be lost if printed. The use of colour on these boards has been used in different ways which is to separate the 3 different materials on the first board, as well as link the text to each image and on the second board the use of colour is used to highlight key words. The use of colour on these boards is good because it can be used to brighten the boards such as these because of the black and white nature and the use of coloured text to bring the reader’s eye to specific key words is a good idea. If I could change the boards I would not use red on the second board to be used to highlight specific words because the green and blue used would be clearer to read for the viewer. Another improvement would be to find another typeface because I think there would be a clearer typeface that could be easier to read and still look handwritten.

These boards have been created so that the images are the main focal point of the boards with minimal text. The palette of the boards is cold because all the imagery has been coloured so that it is a dark blue. this brings all the imagery together, however because all the images are the same colour the images could be harder to identify the details. The boards have been clearly divided into sections horizontally with text being placed into smaller paragraphs with the rest of the imagery being placed above. The layout is very clean and well presented, however the limited text could affect the viewers understanding of the design. The placement of the images is created so that each main larger image can be presented with two smaller follow-up images, I like this approach as a presentation board because of the clean, simple design. Having such a small amount of text would be difficult with this brief because of the amount of information that is needed to be presented, however the grid could be altered to include more space for text.

Zaneta Muranko  - London South Bank University_Page_2

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