Interactive Packaging

An experience can be an interaction with something and so interactive packaging can be used to create an experience, if a new user interacts with the packaging for the first time and it is a good experience then the user will have a positive interaction with the brand. Interactive packaging is also another aspect that I need to consider when creating my packaging because engaging the audience specifically children will keep their attention.


This is a simple piece of interactive packaging that has been created so that the main information is visible when the bottle is filled with the water and when consumed the tag line of the brand is visible. I like this design because of the simple design and the hidden message, however it is hard to get the colour of the text to match the colour of the liquid so that it is hidden and this method would not work for sushi.

Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 17.33.42

Medicine packaging can be designed to be interactive such as this capsule blister that has been designed to look like a target and when used looks as if there have been shots taken at the target. This concept could be used to interact with children with other imagery to make sure that children take their medication and enjoy the interaction with the packaging. This is more of a novelty piece of packaging because once the interaction has been achieved the first few times the novelty will wear off.


Photo-chromatic ink has been used on this can so that it changes colour depending on the light levels; smart materials are beginning to become more widely used in packaging design to interact with the user. The use of photo-chromatic ink on the can will display different colours depending on how much light is present is interesting, however if I were to improve on the design I would use thermo-chromatic ink instead that can be used to interact with the user so that they know when the drink is cold enough so it can be served at its perfect temperature. An interaction that is a piece of imagery that can appear and disappear dependent on temperature or light would be interesting because if it was designed for children it would be an experience for them to witness it.


This piece of packaging has been designed to be interactive and attractive to children because of the personification of packaging. This piece of packaging would entertain a younger child and hold their attention because of the interaction, and interactive with the product will most probably result in the consumption of the sweets that are contained within.


Multiple layers of interaction in a product will create the most experiences because the user will find out about each interaction only by handling the product themselves. These Heineken bottles have been designed so that they look like normal beer bottles, however each bottle contains 8 LED lights, an accelerometer sensor and a microprocessor which work together to detect motion. The bottles are designed to detect the user raise the bottle for a toast, take a sip and respond to music playing which will make the experience of interacting with the bottle an experience; I like the multiple layers of interactivity, however being able to create a piece of packaging that does the same amount of interactions would be difficult.


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