Packaging Research

Sushi is a very colourful food because of the different fish and seaweed that is used and so clear vacuum formed packaging has been used to present the food because it can be quickly replicated and displays the contents to the viewer easily, however it is very plain and unappealing from a design point of view because of the small amount of content on the label or sleeve that is used.

221107_034939_Tri-Star expands business with Sushi Packaging

For the design that I need to create I need to make it colourful and engaging for children, but at the same time make them want to finish their food. Selling the idea to a child to try something new especially raw fish is a difficult task because if a person has a bad experience that memory will stay with them and affect whether they will try the experience again.


Personification of the packaging is another technique that designers use to get people’s attention, such as this noodle box which has been designed to look like a geisha. This design would interest children because of the entertainment value that children could get from the design, however there isn’t much in the design to attract the attention and hold it. Integrating chop-sticks into design is a good idea, however children would find them difficult to use if they didn’t know how to use them.


The use of colour inside as well as on the outside is another factor that I will need to consider because the outside of the packaging has to get the children’s attention and the inside will have to keep the attention as well as create an experience. I like this piece of packaging because of the multiple packages that are contained within, which contain different types of sushi and opening each box means the user has to interact with the product. If i was designing this for children I would decrease the amount of boxes so that there were fewer boxes and more colour on the interior of the box instead of just plain white.


Here is an example of a colourful container design for a restaurant that could be aimed towards children because of the bright interiors and the exterior featuring cartoon animals and food that could be used to entertain them. I want my packaging to be a take-away product and so will feature a lid, however these designs are a good way to get children interested into the packaging and the contents.


Japanese packaging designed towards children demonstrates that creating cartoon characters to advertise the product on the packaging, coupled with television adverting through animation is used to grab the attention of the audience.


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