Project Brief and Aims

The aims of this project is to create a piece of packaging that will entice children into trying Japanese cuisine including sushi which would be something different. With growing childhood obesity getting children to eat more fish and fresh vegetables, and to achieve this I will create a colourful piece of packaging that will engage children and display the colourful food. Giving children an objective or an aim to eat the food and try new things will create an experience of the different tastes and textures of Japanese food.

At the end of this project I would like to have designed and created a piece of packaging that is engaging to the target audience and creates and experience, however because the designs only need to be presented on boards fabrication of the actual packaging doesn’t need to be completed, but photographing the packaging and using it on the boards would be better than using templates.

Researching Japanese culture, cuisine and the art styles will be key for the aesthetics of the packaging, but I will also need to look at packaging aimed towards children so that I can get the attention of the target market. The research that I have done for my dissertation will help me because of the amount of information that I have researched on how companies use their adverts and packaging to attract and hold children’s attention.

Experimentation in this project will be the use of different shaped packaging and creating the nets as well as creating the exterior and interior of the packaging, and including clear windows so that the audience can see the food inside. I will have to focused on creating and designing the packaging, with feedback from the target audience.


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