Target Audience

The design museum brief is experiences that people have when they interact with products and the users emotions and thoughts when having this experience. For my project I plan to create a piece of packaging that will catch children’s eyes and attentions. The information that is presented on the packaging needs to be easily understandable for children and can be easily followed. An interactive element to the packaging would add to the experience that children could have when they have the packaging. Children are picky with what they eat and sushi would be a difficult food group to advertise to children, however creating a good first experience for the children eating sushi will be a good experience so that they enjoy sushi and want to eat it in the future. The experience of interacting with the packaging is another factor that will go into creating the packaging because the visual aesthetics of the product are one of the layers of interaction that the children can have; touch is another sense that can cause an experience and so adding texture to the packaging could be another layer of the user experience.


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