Alternative Presentation Boards

After looking at other design factory boards I wanted to evaluate other boards that do not need to present a board to an exhibit or piece. The content and layout of the boards is the key information that I will take form the boards I look at to see what are the best layouts that can be followed easily by the reader and not be overflowing with imagers or text.

Here are two boards that are showcasing a hand held hoover, however when I found these boards they didn’t seemed to be by the same person because of the differing styles of the boards. The first board features multiple hand sketches and imagery of the product while the second has a main image of the product with some follow-up images and text explaining what the features are. The first board has a clear template with the banner at the top and a section on the side that features the images and I think this is well designed because the main focus for the audience will be on the larger image. Close-ups of key parts of the product are another factor that I will need to consider when creating my boards because they would be a good way to highlight specific design decisions that affected the design process as well as development images that could be used to show the evolution of the designs. To improve the boards I would have kept the layout and banner from the first board and used that on the second to keep them uniform.

Here are two boards that are showcasing a product that it interactive to the user. The first board features imagery of the product followed by a paragraph of information explaining what and how the product works. I think the first board is well designed because the imagery is the main focal point of the board because it has been structured so that it has been formed around the text and the images are set in a steps which the eye of the reader will follow.


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