Japanese Anime and American Cartoons

To get children to want to eat the food I’m thinking that incorporating popular cartoons that they would like so that they want to try the food. I began looking at Japanese cartoon characters that are popular that I could use on the bento box to attract children’s attention and found that quite a lot of them are vector based drawings, which would be simple to create and reproduce onto the packaging.

These cartoon characters are some of the most recognised in Japan and are featured daily on different television channels. Some of these characters have become so big in Japan and have become known around the world through different deliverables such as video games, comic books and adapted cartoons.

I thought about using Japanese cartoon characters, however most children in Japan are already eating sushi and rice because it is a part of staple food, so the geographical location of where the product would be sold (in the west) to get children from other countries and so Japanese cartoon characters may be unrecognisable for western children and so the use of western cartoon characters may be an option that I need to consider. Another factor that I need to consider is making sure that the characters that I choose are unisex so that they appeal to both girls and boys, which means that the product will have a larger appeal to a larger audience.



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