Cartoon Thoughts and Changes

I wanted to use children’s cartoons such as Kung Foo Panda, The Penguins of Madagascar and Hello Kitty for the cartoons inside the box and front cover art, however I found this would be difficult because I would need to create the cartoons with the characters in different poses, which would be difficult to create with the time constraints that are on this project. I still wanted to create a cartoon that children could read with the cartoon being covered by food means that the child will have to eat the food to uncover more of the cartoon.

For the cartoon itself after evaluating the time it would take to create the already created characters, I thought that I should link the cartoon to the contents of the box and so I will create my own sushi characters that will be in the cartoon. This will mean that children will be able to see what type of sushi is in the box possibly from the back of the box.

After thinking about the cartoon and how some children don’t enjoy reading and writing, so altered the cartoon idea even though there would be minimal text in the comic and mostly images and so I decided to rethink what i’d include in the box. I wanted what ever it was to be more interactive and so more create another layer of experience for the children to have and so I decided to create an interactive cartoon that children can play with after they finish their meal. The cartoon will be interactive because it will include the different backgrounds like in a comic book strip, however it will have magnetised characters that the children can take out and move around the different backgrounds so that they can create their own scenarios and activities that the children can create through their own imagination. This also means that the magnetised comic book has more of a replay value than a normal comic book.


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