Sushi Packaging designs

The type of packaging style I wanted to use to create the sushi box is one of the main parts of the design that I need to consider because the shape of the box dictates how the contents will be presented and how the audience will interact with it. With help I found a website that I can input the measurements for the packaging and it will create the net to be printed out.

I began looking at the different styles of packaging and found that there were some nets that were just too complex or the shape of the packaging wouldn’t hold enough of the sushi or the cartoon that will be included.

  • The star shaped box can be altered so that it can have a different number of points, this is an aesthetically pleasing design, however its the inter diameter that will hold all the contents, which means that the contents would have to be small so or the star large to hold a good amount of sushi; because of the shape of the net that would be created there would be a lot of excess waste, which if this was created in mass production the company creating the packaging would be spending more money than they need to to create the packaging.
  • The use of heart shape packaging is linked to valentines day throughout the world and this product is supposed to be unisex, which will appeal to both boys and girls, however boys wont want a heart shaped box and creating one box for both genders will be easier to mass produce than two different designs.
  • The pillow pack wouldn’t be very suitable because of the shape that the packaging creates and the size that it would have to be to hold enough sushi to be a meal.

From the packaging that I could find some were more more useful and so I began by sketching that shape and integrating them together so that I could create more interesting packaging than the stand alone. I began with a simple box with a lid for the packaging because of the simple net that can be created as well as the large area that can hold the contents, however there isn’t much interaction for the user when using the packaging. Another design would be to use different shapes for the packaging with a lid, however the nets to create these would be too large and leave considerable waste material.

I altered the box with a lid design to swap out the lid for a sleeve that the box will fit in so there is no trouble opening the box because I would add a tab for the user to pull which would be better because if the lid gets stuck because it’s a tight fit to the lower half then there would be a chance for the child to force the box apart and cause the food to fall out, but this wouldn’t happen with the sleeve because the lower half would just slide out.


The passe-partout design is another rectangular piece of packaging that I found that could work well because the outer section would frame the food and with the right colour base could make the sushis colour stand out more, catching the eye of the user. The frame  of the packaging will reduce the amount of contents that can be found in the product, however this will also make sure that if the sleeve moves the food will still be covered which will reduce the chances of the food coming into contact with the air.


A gift box packaging style is another type of packaging that I could use because it can be easily interacted with and could be easily opened for children, however printing the design on the outside and having a lining on the inside that wont get damp or soft with the contact of the food, if it were possible then a glossy surface would line the box and a matt outside would feature the design that would be eye-catching and provide what can be found in the box.


I also prototyped a different type of packaging that could be used for container, this style looks nice because the lid all collapses into itself, however when creating the prototype the net to create it was one piece which is good because that reduces the waste, however there are multiple folds and cuts so it is quite time consuming to make which wouldn’t be viable if needed to be mass produced.


One response to “Sushi Packaging designs”

  1. Lauren Jaxson (@tcpboxes) says :

    I think these are packaging box designs which attract the clients towards the products. I like your post for your awesome designs.

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