Vacuum Formed Insert

For this piece of packaging I want to include a vacuum formed piece that will hold the food in place and will cover the cartoon that will be underneath. I was planning to use the vacuum formed piece so that it has dividing pieces that meant the food was divided from each other so that the children could move from each section to section, which would show more of the comic bellow. After some feedback I altered the idea so that instead of having the vacuum formed piece square or rectangular sections; I would use the artistic colour and how sushi is made so that the vacuum formed piece would be in the shape of an animal made up of sushi, which would be interesting for the children (like animal birthday cakes that children have).

Vacuum forming is quick and can be easily replicated when the mould is made for the piece. Vacuum forming the base of the packaging that the food will sit on means that the food will not touch the packing which could cause it to get damp and warp.


I could also consider adding at cutlery space to hold the piece of cutlery that the child would be able to use to eat the sushi. Children wouldn’t ben able to use chopsticks unless they knew already, so I considered including a pair of training chopsticks that are designed for people who want to learn how to use them, however children are not very dexterous and it could be problematic for the child, so either a fork or spork could be included.


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