Packaging Initial Ideas – Box and Sleeve

After choosing to use the passe-partout as the net of the packaging and started sketching different designs that I can get feedback and on and choose from and improve upon for the final piece. I began with my initial idea which was to have imagery of the sushi that will be included in the box, however I don’t think this would be interest children for children. The frame of the net is a part of the design that I could also integrate imagery or text into the design so that when the child opens the packaging they would have visual stimulation. I researched Japanese lettering and calligraphy and added them to the designs, however western children wouldn’t understand or be able to read Japanese and so I could either remove the Japanese or use the character anatomy to create imagery. The base of the box will be covered by food so I decided not to put imagery at the base because any imagery that could be seen by the child will only be seen after the food is eaten, which is why I decided to include an interactive comic strip that would be placed under a vacuum formed insert that the children can keep, which is another layer of interactability. The box is inside a sleeve so the sleeve will be the most important piece of the packaging because this is the first part of the packaging the child will see when it is on the shelf so it needs be eye-catching and stand out against other food packaging.


The sleeve designs that I created were going to feature vector drawings because of the simplicity that can communicate what the message and semiotics of the design. I began by thinking that I could create a cover that features the most colourful sushi that will be featured on the box and a calligraphy styled font/ hand drawn type and the layout of the typography that is featured. Having a plain cover featuring typography with imagery wouldn’t be attractive to children because it isn’t bright and wouldn’t interest children as much. Using the brightness of the sushi that is in the box I wanted to use the bright colours on the outside to get children’s attention, which features the typography of the brand. One of the designs features a child’s face with the sushi in the mouth, however I want the packaging to be gender neutral and the idea of a face with the food in the mouth may send the wrong idea. After researching Japanese cartoons I decided that I wanted to personify the sushi into cartoon characters by creating cartoon facial expressions, this will make the images more interesting/entertaining for children. Adding textures such as embossing onto the front of the sleeve which adds touch to the interactive part of the packaging, which adds to the experience when the child picks up the packaging for the first time; if there are multiple alternatives for the brand I could use different types of texturing so they are different and the children will have more experiences. The placement of typography is another key factor that I need to consider when creating the cover because the name needs to be bright and clear for children to read and understand.


On the back of the sleeve I wanted to include imagery of all the different sushi that is contained in the box, with a description of what the ingredients are and a table that could include nutritional information that the children and parents could look at so that they both understand that sushi is a healthy alternative food. Including a colour coded nutritional chart communicates to the children how healthy sushi is because it uses the traffic light system.



One response to “Packaging Initial Ideas – Box and Sleeve”

  1. Lauren Jaxson (@tcpboxes) says :

    Your post is very informative and I like your idea to cover the packaging boxes with the little images to attract the childrens.

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