Vector Sushi Imagery Creation

For the sushi imagery that will be featured on the packaging I began by finding imagery of the different types of sushi at different perspectives that will be in the box and began by tracing the images to get simplified copies and then traced them again to that they are even more simplified. Simplifying the images will make them more easily identifiable to the audience, I will have to make sure that when I create the images in illustrator that the outlines are either too thick so that the details are lost or the lines stand out too much. I created multiple pieces of sushi at different angles so that I had choices to choose from because I wanted the sushi to be 3D so it would be more interesting rather than a flat 2D image.

I scanned the sketches into illustrator and started created them using the eye dropper tool to get the exact colours for the sushi, which demonstrates the bright colours that sushi has. For the Ikura Guken which has salmon roe and a seaweed boat which I created with a perfect circle which I coloured using the eye-dropper tool and reduced the opacity, which means that they will look like the salmon roe which is transparent and so when I copied and placed the circles over each other, which reduced the opacity of the circles behind it making it more realistic. I asked for feedback from different people so that the simplified vectored sushi were still identifiable for users.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 22.52.35


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