Cartoon Facial Expression Creation

I wanted to personify the sushi characters so that the children’s interactive comic strip will have characters to interact with. I began by looking at iPhone emoji characters and the different expressions that they have and began altering them so that they could be used on the sushi. The iPhone emojis in my opinion are basic because of the simple shapes that are used to create them and I wanted to have the facial expressions link to Japanese food and began looking at Japanese children’s cartoons and anime to get inspiration, but I didn’t use any of the anime facial expressions because the detail is high and it uses large eyes which can be difficult to place on a smaller image. Some Japanese cartoons featured small mouths with pink cheeks and eyes that are wide apart, this aesthetic I found was voted the best when I had a survey from children aged 5-7 about which expression they thought was the best and what they liked about it, the feedback from the audience helped me create the facial expressions and used some of the mouths which I had found from other cartoons which meant that each cartoon sushi would have its own individual facial expression.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 22.11.39


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