Passe-Partout net and creation

After finding a net that I wanted to use for the packaging and began to prototype it, however when making the box I found that the template that I was using was incorrect because there were sections that were too small and when putting them together it was clear that because of the depth I wanted the packaging the inside walls were too short and I couldn’t alter the design which meant I had to alter the overall shape of the box which meant the depth was decreased and the border to be increased. These changes meant that the shape of the box altered completely because it made it thinner and the space for the content of the box will be smaller.

I wanted the box to be the dimensions that I had created first because of the depth and size, however the new design is the only way to have a passe-partout style box without finding another box design all together. I printed off the new box and prototyped it to make sure that it all fit together and began designing the packaging.



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