Packaging Creation

From my initial Ideas I chose to integrate the sushi aesthetic into the packaging and used the ‘Cute’ packaging idea to advertise to children. I decided to use the Sake Nigiri which is the salmon on a rice base for the sleeve because the bright colour of the salmon will be more eye-catching for children and make it stand out more against other food packaging on the shelves.

For the sleeve I began by creating a grid ever the template to make sure that I had it divided into the sections to make sure that any imagery detail isn’t lost because it is too close to the edge. I began by creating the salmon part of the packaging at the bottom of the sleeve by creating an oval with a thick stroke and decreased the thickness at the top and bottom, I did this so that it gives more depth to the salmon because it is on top of the rice and raised. Once I finished the salmon at the bottom I wanted the lighter lines to line up when the box is put together and so the rest of the oval that was bleeding over the edge and created another clipping mask with the bleeding oval and used that for the top of the sleeve. From the Japanese cartoon expressions that I made for the cartoon sushi I used this for the cover, I chose to use the cartoon faces from the sushi because I wanted to design the packaging so that multiple different types could be created so that children could pick and choose know which ones they haven’t tried. The colours for the salmon and main body of the sleeve are similar to the sushi colours, however if different designs are made the colours will differ.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 22.37.59

For the name I began by looking back at my past research of Japanese calligraphy and Asian stylised typography, Using Japanese calligraphy couldn’t be used because children won’t understand Japanese so finding a clear stylised font was key. I had to make sure that I found a font that wasn’t too gimmicky (Google Chinese font you’ll see) so I had to find a sans-serif font that was clear and can be understood by children. I found a font called Sarah Script which I liked because it was close to typography that has been written with a calligraphy pen, however I think this was too complex because all the type is jointed together and could be difficult for children to read; Korataki font is another font that I found that looked stylised and still have a clear design that can be read easily. I added a drop shadow and added a stroke so that the name of the product stood out more and printed test copies to make sure that the font was the correct size so it could be seen at a distance and understood. The name of the product will be in different colours so that it stands out against the background colour. I’m going to keep the Sarah Script for later projects because I think it could be used as a good hand written calligraphy font but it isn’t for this project.

Finally I added the cartoon versions of the sushi inside with a small description of the ingredients including a nutritional chart. I created a layout for the back of the sleeve and made sure all the contents are lined up so it is easy to read. The nutritional chart is designed so that it is easily read by children and the parents purchasing the product by implementing a traffic light system. I used Futura for the chart and descriptions because of the clear characters and ease to read, I used size 11 Futura because this is a clear size for the reader.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 22.41.21

I kept the box simple and added the product name to the sides so when the box is in the sleeve the name is still visible from the side. Printing the box and sleeve I had the sleeve printed on a textured piece of card which will add to the experience for the user and a glossy smooth card for the box which means that opening the box the child will feel the difference in texture.

I also created another box and sleeve for if the products were part of a collection to demonstrate how the other sushi characters translate in different colours. I’m happy with how the sleeves came out, I would like to add more to the box however time constraints are making it difficult to add more and I don’t want to overcrowd the layout.


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