FMP Design Choice

Since finishing my last project, which had an open brief I have been trying to think of a new brief for the final major project that I am about to start. The FMP will be the longest project this year and will last over 3 months, which means that the brief has to have a higher content than previous briefs and so I need to find/create a brief that can last 3 months and not be finished in a month. I have been checking different design briefs that were on the internet from previous projects and designers, however from the limited briefs that I couldn’t find any that appealed to me because this is the final major project which is important and needs to be at a standard that it can be presented in a portfolio. The openness of the brief means that I could choose a real world problem such as redesigning a company’s brand and appearance.


I have decided to do a rebrand for a company and will create the logo, stationary and other pieces that the company would use (i.e. branded shipping containers for a shipping company) specifically. I would like to do a branding project because after completing my last project of packaging aimed towards children to get them to try sushi I wanted to create the brand for that project, however I had to start this project so will create a brand around that last project in the future. I want to steer clear of children and packaging because I want to do something different that I hadn’t attempted before or a project with a high amount of content. After looking at previous students work it was clear that alcoholic branding is a popular choice, however I do not want to do this as it seems to be a go to if there are few ideas for what to do.


After deciding upon rebranding I began by mind-mapping the different ideas I had for what I could mind-map and what specific pieced of design that they would need (i.e cardboard cups for a coffee shop). From these I chose which one I would be interested in designing through looking at examples of different designers previous works and examples.


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