BA Final Major Project Proposal


For this project I Intend to create a visual identity for a restaurant that needs to be redesigned because the current identity doesn’t communicate what the restaurant provides and improve the external image of the restaurant to the public. The restaurant has a plethora of different types of food that they serve, however there is no way for passers-by to know this and so the outer image and interior will be redesigned through the use of a new logo, menu ect to improved the image.

Specific Individual Outcomes

At this stage of the project I intend to create a new visual identity for the restaurant by redesigning all the of the deliverables that communicate the identity of the restaurant to the audience. I intend to create a logo that incorporates the different origins of the food that it provides. Altering the menu layout and incorporating the new logo and design will be another deliverable that will need to be created as well as business cards that can be given to potential and current customers with contact details. Redesigning the website is another piece of the identity that will need to be updated with the aesthetic. I know that the restaurant also does a take-away so looking into packaging that can hold the different types of food but also be identifiable to people who see the packaging. Creating a coherent visual identity for this project will be key because the aim is to have a rebrand that will communicate the message of the restaurant and the services that they provide.

Research & Methodology 

My research will begin with the restaurant to begin with, going there and finding inspiration that is already apparent as well as researching the different cultures and countries that the food origins from. I have begun researching branding and packaging design from which has different professionals work and has different fields of design that I can look at and take inspiration from. Branding for restaurants will be the main part of my research as well as typography and the logo which will be the main part of the design because it has to be semiotic to the regions and type of food provided. Behance also features multiple different examples of logo design and templates that I can use to present the finished product.

Learning Outcomes

After reading the learning outcomes it is clear that I will need to be checking to make sure that I am achieving the learning outcomes that I Have downloaded and placed on my desktop for easy access and will be creating a timetable so that I can keep to schedule of each section, such as research and have subsections for the different parts of the research that I need to consider. I will be creating specific posts about the progression of the learning outcomes and include targets to how to achieve the learning outcomes in the progression of the project.

Testing Outcomes/ Reflection

To create a method to test whether my work is appropriate in the work that I create by presenting the product to the target audience and testing the semiotics of the project and effectiveness. Feedback will be key for this project because it is the thoughts of the target audience and the first impressions of the brand that will determine whether the potential customer will enter the restaurant or look at the menu presented outside. After feedback I will use the feedback to alter the designs so that it will meet the feedback but also keep to the learning outcomes and feedback from the restaurant owners. To evidence continual reflection throughout the project there will be crits at specific intersections of the project to get feedback and alter the design.


Experimental layout design will be a an idea that I will be trying as well as different fabrication methods such foiling that will be used on all the branded pieces as well as different types of binding for the menu. Experimentation will be a key part because the different types of experimentation that there are can available could be used to enhance the aesthetic of the brand, and could affect the design style.

Professional Practice (Portfolio)

I will be creating back-up work on multiple storage devices just in-case of loss and will want to create the project so that it will be featured in my portfolio, so it has to be of a high quality and when presented to the owner of the restaurant whether they would want to use the new visual identity.

Production Schedule

Contingency Planning

Keeping to the schedule will be key and if I fall behind I will have to reduce the amount of finished products that I will produce.


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