Advancing the Project

At the moment my project is to create a new visual identity for the Arabic/Mediterranean restaurant Azouma and produce deliverables that can communicate the brand and what services restaurant has to offer.

The brief is simple with a wide scope, which has been similar to the previous briefs, I wanted to solve a real world design problem and so began looking and decided to rebrand the restaurant because I think the aesthetics are lacking at the moment and a coherent design could be used on all the deliverables. The research is the first section of my schedule that needs to be completed within 3 weeks starting now and I plan to dissect the Azouma brand as it stands now and start thinking how I can improve it. I will research the Arabic and Mediterranean culture so that I can incorporate overlapping themes that can communicate the origins of the food. I will start looking into rebranding created by other graphic designers, specifically restaurant design and layout design for the menu and other deliverables.


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