Client/Restaurant Analysis

After choosing to rebrand the restaurant I began by visiting the establishment a few times to get an overall feel of the restaurant and the food and other services that it provides. I also looked at the website and printed menu and found that they could be improved design wise, which would improve the aesthetics of the restaurant. I want to improve the visual identity of the restaurant and create a more professional cohesive design that can be presented on the outside as well as the deliverables and any advertising that they would produce.


The logo is the first thing that the customers will see when walking past the restaurant and/or viewing the website and this is the first thing that communicates the brand. The logo features the name of the restaurant ‘Azouma’ which in Arabic means ‘Invitation’ an is written in a sans-serif typeface, which could be improved because the font is joint up, however the capital A doesn’t connect and has left a clear gap, which is unappealing. This typeface has different distances (Kerning) between the lettering, which could be altered in illustrator, however I would improve the typeface used by using a different typeface that could be more semiotically linked with the Arabian culture and cuisine which will visually communicate the brand to the audience. The imagery used in the current logo is divided into three sections featuring different coloured squares with a spiral, heart and a moon; The imagery used could be linked to the turkish flag which features a moon, however I think that this design doesn’t communicate the cuisine that the restaurant supplies or the origin of the food. I think that creating a single piece of imagery that could communicate the brand. The colours used are a mix or reds and browns, which could be linked to the crimson and golds of the regions.

The home page continues the crimson colour scheme and has a scrolling gallery of photographs of the food and the restaurant, the location, a description of the food that is available, offers that are available, take-away information and opening and closing times. This is the key information, however I think that this information could be presented in a better way and so I will need to look into layout design for websites as well as a mobile version also.


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