Branding Analysis #1

Branding is the main part of this project and so I will need to research and understand what makes an effective rebrand by looking at professionally designed rebranding projects. I will begin by researching branding projects on Behance ( and will move onto restaurant branding as well as specific fields of research such as logo design and templates to present the brand.

Berlimo – Ramin Nasibov –

The project was to create a brand for the Berlin based workshop Berlimo and the goal was to create a unique logo, which would indicate the companies services along with the specific area the company serves. I like the logo because it has integrated the architectural structure of a building that the company created. Using the Brandenburg Gate top with the columns being replaced by the tools that are used with base being the location of the text. This is a logo, which needs to be simple and so the tools that have been chosen are semiotically linked with standard working tools that are recognised by most people. I like the use of the tools because the simple style that they have been designed means that even children can identify and understand; I also like the overall design because it has been structured to signify a Roman/Greco buildings. The use of the top of a building that they created is one of the things I would change because it is the only part of the design that people wouldn’t be able to understand unless they knew the company well enough, however then they’d know the logo. I would alter the top of the logo so that it would be clearer to the audience by researching Roman/Greco architecture and creating a similar piece for the logo. The artist used photography that he had taken from the company working to get inspiration and collected an image of a beam being chiseled and used the curl of the wood shavings and developed this into a Roman/Greco spiral, which I like because this adds another level to the brand of the company that is used as another semi-logo that can is linked visually to the company. The use of the spiral and logo can be used to visually communicate to the audience the field that the company operates. I would alter the design of the wood shavings because it could be misunderstood to be a cartoon snail because It isn’t that clear for the audience that it’s meant to be shavings. I would resign the shavings so that they are closer to the imagery that is for inspiration so that it is clearer for the audience. The design on the phone is an altered version of the shaving, however I’ve found that it looks very similar to the game cube logo because of the spiral that creates a square is very similar. The use of the wood textured business card (similar to one GF Smith presented) adds another level to the visual identity of the company by conveying the materials that they work with and because the business card is so different to the standard business cards that people are used to that it will leave an impression because of the novel presentation of the paper.


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