Branding Analysis #2

Sanrun Mining Company – NECON, Chris Nowak and Piotr Polus –

Chongqing is a municipality in Southwest China famous for it’s highly developed industry and the Three Gorges Dam located near by. There you will find Sanrun owned mine recognised for excavating, processing and distribution of manganese. The brief was to design a visual identity reflecting the industry’s profile and inducing modern expression.

I chose this branding project because of clean aesthetic that has been created as well as the inclusion of the colouring on the cross-section of the business cards and gradient colour on other deliverables. From the rocks that the company mines the artists has taken the colours that are presented on the inside of the minerals, which has been used as a theme throughout the creation of this visual identity. I like the multicoloured effect used on the edges of the business card because of the effect that it creates, the card has to be thick enough so that the edge effect can be easily applied and stand out and I would be interested to research how this is created and possibly use this in this project. The business cards are designed so that they are clean and clearly laid out which is the opposite of the process of mining; the aesthetic of the card makes me think of some sort of form that the company would use because of the thick strokes to divide up the information presented. The logo is purely typographic and has used a clear san-serif font that can be easily read and because the letter anatomy is simple and is understood easily at a distance. The three shapes that gradient throughout the cover sheets are  the central shapes found in the Sanrun sign echo three areas of the mine and is related to the distinctive shape of the opencast mines and the colours are linked to the colour shine of the manganese alloy that is visible in a cross-section of a split open piece of ore. I like the idea of taking colours that are present in the clients work and will have to consider this when designing my rebrand. The use of the shapes of the mines to be used as imagery that breaks up the industry, mining and investment areas of the company, the employees within the company will understand what the imagery means and will be able to differentiate them, however people outside of the company who have no prior knowledge will not understand the imagery presented, however this rebrand is designed to be used as in and around the office. The shapes are taken from the different mines that are in operation, and mines are layered so that they gradually get deeper and lower down, which is what the artist has used and created a gradiented piece, which will gradient to demonstrate the depth of the mines as well as a colour gradient. The form style aesthetic has been used on all of the pieces which gives all the stationary a uniform look when presented together. This branding doesn’t have much to do with branding for a restaurant, however I’m using it for inspiration as well as the experimentation of adding a cross-section effect on the business card and keeping the design minimalistic and clean keeps the aesthetic clear and easily understood.



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