Branding Analysis #3

Coffee House London – Reynolds and Reyner –

Coffee House London is a new brand launching in today’s market of coffee brands is very challenging and so creating a truly unique, high quality brand that stands out. The designers for this project took on board the traditions, history and architecture of London and incorporated this into the design. The design was created to leave a lasting impression and keep close to the heritage of coffee establishments.

This project is closer to the brief that I have because it is a visual identity that has to communicate the brand and a message to the audience. This coffee-house wanted a regal feel for the aesthetic of the deliverables and so began researching traditional coats of arms and the ornate and intricate styles that they are presented in, beginning with the shape of the shield that the heraldry would be presented on and the iconography presented which has been chosen to the initials of the coffee-house, an old fashion coffee grinder, coffee beans as well as 3 fluer de lis and a medieval helmet; I think that the decision to use a coat of arms design to present the logo is a good idea because it means that it links to the heritage of London and the prestige that nobles had when presenting their coat of arms. The imagery used on the logo all link to the brand or the aesthetic; the use of the fluer de lis is to add to the coat of arms theme and links to royalty because it has been used on royal coat of arms throughout Europe. The coat of arms also contains the coffee bean and a traditional coffee grinder, which create a link to the service of the coffee shop and will also communicate to the target audience and finally the initials for the coffee shops name has been used so that when seen the name of the coffee shop is there without having to incorporate typography around the logo, which could make the logo seem too noisy design wise. The designers created alternate versions of the logo which included increasing pixelated versions and increased strokes of the pieces that make up the logo, I don’t think this was needed because when the logo was pixelated, even when there are lost of pixels the imagery in the coat of arms are lost because they are just squares, which means that the message that the logo is trying to communicate has been limited. Creating a background pattern for the brand that can be used on multiple deliverables which brings them all together and can be identified easily by the audience, I will have to do more research and consider this for the restaurant deliverables, specifically used on the menu. I like the business card because of the alternate colour scheme that has been used including the pattern, coffee-shop logo and name, I would improve the business card by increasing the size of the logo so that it is clearer for the viewer and so that the details of the logo are not lost. I will also need to research and possibly find somewhere that could apply my rebrand to packaging such as cups and containers that can be used to transport food.


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