Branding Analysis #4

Simonson Lumber and Hardware – Milos Milovanovic –

Simonson Lumber Company is a fourth generation family owned and operated building materials supplier and established the business in 1933. The Simonson Lumber & Hardware identity draws inspiration from nature itself and the brand was to transmit the brand’s most important values: friendliness, comfort, trustworthy and honesty. The color palette features black with a touch of gold foil print on some applications, which gives it a quality and elegant characteristics.

The logo has been given a traditional aesthetic of a lumberjack included inside a stamp like display featuring the company name and their general business, because the logo will be used on different deliverables and so will have to be rescaled could mean that the logo’s details will want to be higher for the larger deliverables such as on the side doors of lorries or shipping containers and the smaller less detailed logo can be applied to small deliverables, this is a good idea having different levels of detail on three of the same logo because logos are created to be simply understood by the target audience and when re sized could lose some of the detail or over complicate what should be a simple logo. Gold foiling has been used as well as die stamping onto the business cards so that they stand out to the audience because of the professional and elegant message that they are trying to convey to the user as well as presenting the key information about the company and the business card holder; the smaller less detailed logo has been used on the business card because the details would be lost on such a small deliverable. A bold serif font has been used for the company so that it links to the traditional aesthetic that the company wants to communicate. Although I wouldn’t need to use this on my project the company has also had its logo engraved into wooden pieces such as the axe handle and onto lumber that they supply. The designers have used the same grid display on the business card and used this on other pieces such as the shipping notice and stationary that the company would use; A wax stamp of the lowest detailed logo has also been created, however I do not see having a wax stamp for my restaurant design being needed, however the process of foiling is something that I would like to use on this project, but find source that could do it for me because I do not have the materials to create the foiling effect professionally.


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