Branding Analysis #5

Old Harbor Distilling – Cody Small –

Old Harbor is a brand new distillery in San Diego, California and happens to be the only one in the downtown area currently. The design team created the brand form the ground up producing the all the deliverables and the visual identity to communicate the brand.

This brand has been created to have a weathered, seasoned look and feel and given the name a nautical theme has been used on this brand which adds to the visual communication of the piece and will be remembered when on display. The typeface for the brand has been created because the word old is a serif variant, however the rest of the text used is sans serif, which could have been used so that the word old at the top stands out and communicates the seasoned look, I think that creating a larger version of the typeface that covers the top of the name presented on the bottle is a good idea I think that the ‘old’ just looks as if it has been stretched from the original typeface and so this is an element that I would change. Implementing the imagery of the knot to visually communicate the harbour name into the labels and as a logo was a good design choice because harbours are filled with rope and towing lines and the different types of knots that are required knowledge for people who own or work on boats. The logo and company name has been designed so that it can be placed inside a generic square, this means that the logo and company names could be placed onto other deliverables with ease because complex shaped logos can cause difficulty when reproducing them onto other deliverables. The ‘Spirit symbol system’ has been created so that it could be used to subtly differentiate the line of different spirits that are available, this consisted of creating distinct branded symbol for each; the system uses the different iterations of the logo design and has had different imagery created that could visually communicate the different types of spirit that they represent. Making the imagery that distinguishes the different types of spirit could be closer so that they are easily identified. The Old Harbor Distilling Co. logo itself is screen printed directly on the bottle, which calls prominent attention to itself sitting on the shelf amongst competitor products because the colours do not have to be changed so that they are more visible on the different coloured spirits in each bottle. I did not know that screen printing could be used on bottles so I would like to research the process and possibility of using this on the rebrand. The bottles feature two similarly designed labels which are the label on the front of the bottle which informs the audience what the spirit is in the bottle and a tab which is meant to be broken when the bottle is first opened, which is a traditional method for showing that the bottle hasn’t been opened or tampered with. Both these labels are similar using a cross-hatch pattern which included the key information on the front label including the name of the spirit, percentage and volume followed with other content. The boxes have been designed to be close to the design on the bottles and has been designed to have a clean design that with the key information in black because I think that the designers wanted the rich colours of the spirits to grab the attention of the audience.



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