Branding Analysis #6

El Tinibelo – Anagrama –

“El Tinieblo” is a premium artisan mezcal (alcoholic drink distilled from the maguey plant) of Mexican origin that is distributed internationally. The brand has also been extended to a restaurant, inspired by the cultural and historical richness of the mezcal tradition. The naming for “El Tinieblo” emerges from a land property in Tamaulipas, México whose stories and legends give the brand its personality, positioning the mezcal as traditional yet unconventional and young spirited.

The logo was taken from the area so that it references the white-tailed deer found in the region, thus adopting the brand’s origins to complement the rest of the brand with a mysteriously dark sensation that maintains elegance and a modern contrast. The bottle redesign takes the traditional context of artisan mezcal and reflects it through the classic labels that are reinterpreted in a contemporary style, such interpretation is reinforced with a classic emboss of the brand’s icon placed on the bottle’s front. The label has been designed so that it wraps around the bottle and presents the information needed, unlike other beverage labels this has been presented at a spiral down the front of the bottle, I like the idea behind presenting the label in this way, however this means that the area available to present the required information is reduced considerably. The black on black imagery that has been used to present information and visually communicate the message of the dark mysterious nature of the brand, the black imagery and typography can be lost on the black background, however I have found that if it is presented with a gloss finished and been embosses so that the type or imagery are much more clearly visible. The business card and other deliverables have also been coloured so that they are black with white imagery and text, this follows the theme of the brand, however printing onto black is a difficult process and cannot be written on to which limits its uses.

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