Client Business Card Analysis

When visiting the restaurant I picked up their business card and want to add this to my Azouma brand analysis, I didn’t manage to get some photos of the physical menu but will eventually. The business cards are have been designed to present the key information about the restaurant including the name, managers name, location and contact information by phone and internet and the reverse side includes a Facebook and trip advisor links to review the restaurant. The business card needs to be rebranded to improve the visual identity of the company. The business card features the logo of the restaurant, however the creator of the business card hasn’t altered the logo so that there was no white background, which affects the professionalism of the business card. The typeface is clear, however the sizes used seem to be a mixture because the name of the restaurant seems to be smaller than the manager’s name and all the information seems to be small because the border that is placed at the top and the bottom of the card. The back of the card repeats the logo and the name of the restaurant, however the name fo the restaurant and tagline are spaced differently which doesn’t keep the card cohesive; the back of the card also features the TripAdvisor and Facebook banners which is all the information featured on the back, I would alter the back so that the TripAdvisor and Facebook logos are used instead of the banners so that they do not take up as much space and they are still identifiable. I would redesign this business card so that there is no border which will increase the area that information can be presented on, which increases the size of which that information can be presented. A newer logo will be created which can be transferred to different mediums without looking out-of-place and a balance between the front and back of the card will have to be kept in mind so that the key information isn’t presented on the front and nothing on the back. Making sure that the typeface used will be clear to read through the size of the typeface and through leading and kerning.


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