Business Card Research

After evaluating the Azouma business card I wanted to research interesting business cards that I could get inspiration from including layout, type placement, size and any extra features that people add to their cards including embossing, areas that have been cut out or edge highlighting on the edges ect.

Beginning with the Pantascope business card that has a plain black front with the brands logo but on the opposite side has a white background which counters the black front; I like this because it makes the logo stand out more on the front and because it is the only piece of imagery on the front the audience is only focused on the front. while the back being white means that the key information can be printed and read easily. printing the business card could be tricky because trying to print as close to pure black may be difficult. Vertical business cards seem to becoming more popular, however when i think of how the recipient of the business card will put it in their wallet or card holder horizontally anyway so it could be easier for them to have the card printed horizontally, however that could mean the information would be squashed together.

All Design Transparent is a self branding that uses the contrast of black and white but as an edge highlight on the edges instead of on opposite sides. The card has been embossed heavily to add texture to the card as well as adding to the transparent name by creating some of the text through the embossed areas, this does add to the signifiers of the brand, however it does make it harder to read for the recipient. Again horizontal layout which means that the key information on the back can be spread out which could be an advantage when adding the key information for the restaurant because of the other services that they provide.

Deek Duke is the next set of cards that have been designed to be fun on the front with marker pen drawn imagery on a coloured background and the back with the key information. I like that there are 2 variations of the front of the business card because of the novelty for a customer to receive one after the other and notice the difference, this is also a good way to incorporate the brands colour scheme into the business cards without trying to use it all on one card.

Masala Darbar has been printed on a tangerine piece of paper stock that will give the card a colourful aesthetic and will stand out against the standard white business cards that are out there. The front has been printed black leaving negative space for the logo and the back has been printed so that the key information is black which will contrast against the tangerine. Making sure that the printing of the black is to a good quality to make sure that it covers the tangerine well, laser printing the black would be a good way of getting good coverage because the laser ink isn’t absorbed into the paper and so could make a pure black, however finding a laser printer that could work with thicker paper stocks could be an issue.


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