Menu Design Research

For the menu I want it to be a smaller scale than some of the menus that are found which will make it easier to be printed as well as making it easier for the user to handle because I have found that large-scale double-sided menus that consist of one sheet can be awkward to use especially when turning it over to read the other side, so a book like menu would have to be created to overcome this problem; also large-scale menus are used more in restaurant chains because they can be printed in large production orders, which is the opposite for Azouma as they are not a chain.

Torotoro was the first menu that i looked at and this was for a sushi & sake bar that caught my eye because it is based on the neon lights that are found throughout Tokyo and has used them to create the imagery for the brand. The colour scheme for the brand uses black as a background and bright neon colours that contrast against the black, which make the brand stand out. The menu has been created so that it has all the information centred to the middle of the page for both the sake menu as well as the sushi menu, with the sake menu being smaller in size width ways so that it can easily be differentiated from the sushi menu. I like that the menus have been designed to give an individual line to each dish/drink because that makes it easier to read and gives space for the description, but a space for the price to be placed may take up at least 3 lines. I also like that the spines of the menus have been bound using a metal spine which gives it a professional finish. Dependent on the type size it may be difficult for the customers to read, so to improve the piece I would increase the point size

Varvary is a restaurant & bar which has been designed to have a small colour scheme; the menu has been designed so that the headings cover half the page and the dishes cover the other half which makes the menu very easy to navigate for the audience because of the large headings. The design is very clean because of the large areas that were left between the headings, however because the heading are so large it meant that there isn’t much room for the descriptions, which means that the descriptions will be expanding down vertically which could alter the spacing and make some dishes look unbalanced in size compared to the other dishes. Keeping the spacing around the outside of the pages will be key to make sure that the type can be read easily and isn’t too close to the spine or the edges of the pages. If i could alter the design I would make the heads just a bit smaller so that there was more room for the descriptions and have a limit on the word counts so that the descriptions didn’t take up too much room, which would mean that more food items could be fitted onto the pages, reducing the amount of pages needed.

Table Nº1 is Shanghai’s first gastro-bar that serves up tapas-style modern European cuisine.The brand identity is based on the restaurant’s focus on communal dining and uses brown Kraft paper & newsprint paper throughout design to communicate the location that the restaurant is bases which is an old newspaper printing warehouse. The content has been split into two columns which is reminiscent of the newspaper theme that this brand has. Using two different paper stocks for the deliverables means that the user will notice the difference especially between the Kraft paper cover and the newspaper pages, however news paper isn’t really that durable which means that after some use there is a high chance for the pages to start to smudge and rip, however the pages are only held together with brass clips so can be replaced as well which overcomes the ripped pages.

The Roost is a restaurant that has its menu printed on a large-scale double-sided menu which uses the colour scheme to differentiate the dishes as well as the different sides of the menu. I think that the menu is overcrowded and there isn’t any open space that can give the reader some time pause. The text has been coloured so that it stands out against the background colours, but I think that the large area taken up by the imagery could be better used for more dishes and it makes it difficult for the designer when the menu is expanded because it is already so full that space would have to be made. Differentiating the name of the dishes and the descriptions will be something that I will have to keep in mind when creating the menu through the use of a bold variation of the typeface or italic.

La Cigala Zul is a seafood restaurant located in the epicenter of a town full of restaurants with similar nature. To achieve differentiated this restaurant the designer has created the menus logos and colour palette with naval symbolism and handmade typography to add to the nautical theme. This menu has been designed to be very clean, with a lot of white space which is broken up by the brightly coloured naval symbols and hand drawn type. I would make the area for the type larger so that it can give the dishes a more detailed description, which would help the customer on deciding their order.


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