Hand Drawn Islamic Pattern Tutorials

As well as looking at different examples of different patters and complex shapes that can e created I also researched to find tutorials of patterns designers and artists to follow the process of how they create these pieces, so that I can try to replicate the process and create my own unique patterns that I may use for this project. I want to try the traditional approach which is to hand draw the patterns and detail and then using illustrator add detail and colour, I will also be trying to create the patterns through purely illustrator to see whether it is easier and more time efficient to create from start to finish in Illustrator.

Geometric pattern created from a basic repeatable rosette and equilateral triangles.

This is a full-length tutorial showing the stages in creating a continuous interlacing Islamic geometry piece.

Draw an Islamic geometric pattern in less than five minutes using a tradtional method and traditional tools: a ruler and pencils.

How to create a 10-fold rosette / 10-point and 8-fold rosette / 8-point star with pencil and ruler.

How to draw a Mandala with 8 intersecting circles and add some colours to this 8 Circle Mandala.

After watching these tutorials and more I began by recreating the interlacing pattern so that I can begin to understand how intricate these designs can be and how to tackle the design process. I began by following the tutorial using a geometry set similar to the set used in the video, however it was clear early on that this is a very time-consuming because I had to keep altering the size of the compass and sharpening the pencil; when I was getting closer to finishing the design it became clear that with all the pencil lines it became difficult to discern what lines and shapes were what. I then repeated the steps that I had followed on Illustrator and found that repeating shapes of the same size was easy as well as altering the strokes of the lines made it clearer to design.

Upon cleaning up the design I wanted to create the interlacing effect by creating the look as if some of the lines are going to be going over and under by increasing the stroke and adding white areas so that it looks as if the lines are going over and under other lines that they make contact with. I started by making the white areas, however this became difficult and very time-consuming so alterations to this method has to be done. Layering was a problem when adding the overlapping effect because the layering of the star wasn’t structured so each overlap would have to be over one ‘branch but under another which was difficult.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 13.32.17


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