Branding Concept

One of the ideas for this project that I had is to design individual Islamic pattern for each deliverable, this would mean that they would have to be identifiable as being part of the brand, however this could make it easier when tackling the deliverables because of the different sizes and shapes that are available. After testing sketching different Islamic patterns I decided that because of the round shape and similar imagery I could create individual patterns for the different mediums with differing colours (which will be a focus later on in the project). The idea is similar to this branding project that I found after which uses different calligraphy marks that are simple and have been used as imagery for the brand, but because of the similarity it is clear that these link together. These calligraphic markings are very simple however which is the polar opposite of the Islamic patterns which when placed on the deliverable could lose the detail that is present, designing scale patterns that can be easily understood and are clearly understood to be part of a group of designs.


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