Use of Arabic in the Design

The original meaning of Azouma in arabic is invitation which could be used to be integrated into the brand. I have been thinking about the idea of using arabic script because it can be a typographic logo/imagery and additionally can be used as imagery because of the calligraphic style in which it is written. The idea of using the arabic text as imagery as opposed to typography is because of the hand written calligraphic style in which the characters can be displayed, calligraphy can be very decorative so it could be used to communicate the visual identity of the restaurant, however because this restaurant is based here people will not understand what the arabic says unless they can read it and so imagery that can be used to communicate the visual identity of the brand may be a better option, however this may only be used for the logo and wouldn’t be used inside the menu or other deliverables. Using the arabic lettering to create an image would be the best of both worlds, I started looking at examples of this method and found that animals seem to be a favourite, however found a branding project on

I would like to try to create the arabic lettering, however there is also the factor that there are different types of arabic dependent upon the geographical which could mean that there would be alterations to the letter anatomy which could cause problems for the reader to understand for the Arabic.


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