Hand Written Type

Hand written type for this project could be another idea that could create a more unique brand for the restaurant and this will remove the time that it will take to search for and evaluate Arabic stylized fonts because if the fact that so many are cartoonish and over the top.

I want to stay away from these types of typography because they are difficult to read and also aren’t the aesthetic that I want to communicate to the audience. I would like to design a clean hand written piece of typography that communicates the Arabic language through the use of taking pieces of the letter anatomy and incorporating them into the design. Creating a unique piece of hand drawn type means that the customer will have a personal connection to their brand because their typography and logo are unique to them and wouldn’t be found anywhere else.

After having a lesson with Shawn De Burca and he demonstrated the process and thought behind how he designs and creates his hand written type for his clients using a grid method that makes it easier to design lettering either serif or sans serif. I will be using his system of hand written type to create a legible piece of typography that will accompany the logo for some of the deliverables. I have been researching typographers so that I have inspiration to use when creating my stylised typeface for Azouma, however creating a typeface that is elegant and can be easily read yet still has the aesthetic of the Arabic language. I will do this through research that will follow my initial sketches to makes sure that I keep up to my schedule.



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