Azouma Logo Initial Ideas

Creating a logo is one of the most important parts of the brand because the logo has to communicate the identity of the brand and be clear and simple enough that it can be identified from a distance. The logo also had to be memorable for the target audience and stand out against other logos. Colour will also be an important part of the design process because I think communicating the colourful culture and origins that the restaurant belongs to will be key.

The idea generation behind the logo designs was based of the research that I did about the origins of the cuisine and theme if the restaurant and also when visiting the restaurant the different pieces of decor.

The Moroccan lamp was one of the first ideas that I had for the logo because of the colour and intricate patterns that were present from the glass and frame. I had also begun playing around with placement of text, however in the end kept it separate and add text later. I liked the lamps idea because I considered all the different effects that I could use in Photoshop and illustrator to create the lamps and give them the glowing effects. To communicate the colours of the countries that the restaurant represented I considered how there could a collection of lamps used on the different mediums to communicate to the customer, through different patterns and colours on the glass and frame.

Here is another design similar to the previous design, however these lamps do not have any stained glass and so the colours that could be used are very limited and the shape of the lamp could be lost and doesn’t communicate what the brand represents.

Another initial idea that was to use the tagine dishes, which can be easily identified as part of the food that they provide and also includes intricate details and come in a variety of colours. I drew the tagine dish in different ways such as with the lid off and at different angles, I will also be considering combining the shape from the tagine lid into another shape. This logo will communicate to the customer what service the restaurant provides and  can be instantly identifiable to the customer so that they link the pot with the Azouma brand.

A full typographic logo was another option that I considered because I could incorporate the arabic letters that form the word Azouma an into a shape that could secondary as an image that communicates that it’s a restaurant. More research would have to be done into the arabic language and how I could later the anatomy of the characters so that it could still be understood. The actual name of the restaurant will also have to be included in english and the colours that are available could be limited if I want this to be presented in a pen and ink image and i would also need to research what materials were traditionally used to write the arabic language and whether I would be able to replicate these in Photoshop and Illustrator. Letter anatomy will also be a key part of the design because even with changing the shape of the characters I would like to keep the text the same without altering it so that it is illegible in arabic.

Finally I researched the repeating patterns that I found in Moroccan and other architecture and found that there were patterns that had been used on tiles and created with mosaics that were vibrant and colourful that were used throughout different mediums around the world and considered creating one of these geometric designs for the logo. Research will have to be done so that I can learn the process of creating these patterns and how to detail and them and what influences the colours and images used. i think this could be used easily as a repeating pattern throughout the brand or as the logo. This design however doesn’t communicate that the brand is a restaurant and so that is something that I will need consider if I use this for the branding imagery.


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