Arabic Hand Written Type: Hassan Massoudy

I was recommended a list of typographers who would be very useful to research and take inspiration from so that I could create a stylised piece of typography for the restaurant. I want to try to take the characteristics from the Arabic character anatomy and incorporate them into the name written in English. I will have to keep in mind that Arabic is written backwards, however I want to communicate the language and its characteristics so that it can be instantly identified with the logo.

Hassan Massoudy has created these pieces that are used to communicate pieces of poetry through his style of creating his own style of using different coloured inks as opposed to the traditional black ink that has been used in the past. I like the use of putting emphasis on specific words from the phrase by having these larger key words placed on the piece , which is accompanied by the piece of text that below. I would like to replicate the larger wording effects through the use of a similar process, I tried to simulate the work through the use of Illustrator, however it’s the imperfections of the paint being spread using the balsa wood and reed pens that wasn’t communicated through the use of illustrator which looked too artificial.

Using a piece of graphite from a pencil I went about creating the text that I plan to use for the Azouma brand. I used the Hassan Massoudy images as inspiration so that I could try to replicate the character anatomy and communicate the Arabic aesthetic of the hand drawn type. I feel that the type has come out well at this stage because of the research that I conducted of different Arabic designers and through watching extensive videos of Massoudy’s process and the materials that he uses.

After completing the pencil sketches I will be trying to replicate these in different mediums to a standard that I am happy with that I will use as apart of the visual identity of Azouma and will work well with the geometric patterns that I have been creating to be used as the logo and will tie the branded pieces together for the client. From the images it is clear that I tried different approaches to letters and found that M was the most difficult to create because of the shape and using the piece of graphite to create an aesthetically pleasing characters that all link together.


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