Azouma Name Creation: Initial Lettering

After researching Hassan Massoudy and other artists it was clear that creating hand drawn type for this project would be the best way to communicate the aesthetic and identity of the Azouma brand. Keeping the characters uniform and making sure that when presented all match without any inconsistency was one thing that I had to keep in mind when creating the typeface because of the letter groups that are similar to each other and so would have to be checked and altered so that the uniformity remained, such as a,o and u all have a similar anatomy.

I began with the capital A which was one of the first letters that I had been considering when thinking about how to create this type because it is the only capital letter in the brand name and will be the first piece of text that the client would come into contact with. The A is constructed of 2 different motions, the first being the motion from the baseline moving up to create the apex of the A and down at an angle to create a thinner arm which ends in a point. The crossbar of the A has been created using a motion similar to a tilde (~), however I am also considering using a i’jam instead to break up the curved nature of the A. It was clear after some research that the tailed z is a better contended to communicate the Arabic style that I was trying the communicate because this fitted closer to the cursive lettering style which consisted aesthetically of curves and waves, when i had finished the z I was unsure that the audience may misread the character as a 3, however when the whole word is created it will be clear that it is a z because the descender will be below the baseline, which will make it clearer. The O and lowercase A were the easier characters to create because I wanted the counter of both letters to be identical and so after completing the O it was traced and I created the tail similar to the tilde I used on the capital A. All of the letters that I created all had one characteristic which is that they all point towards the bottom left corner in some way. The U is simply made of one motion which I kept as close as possible to the lowercase A and O. I found that the M was the hardest letter because I wanted it to be similar to the other letters, I began by creating the M using a tilde shape, however after getting feedback it was clear that this was being misunderstood as a three S and so I began trying other designs.


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