Hand Drawn Islamic Pattern Creation

To create the hand drawn patterns I began using the tutorials that are in one of my past blogs and followed the instructions to create the intricate pattern. Using illustrator made the process of creating the pattern much easier because placement of shapes which could be altered and erased was much easier than the pencil attempt that I tried; I was also able to place shapes easily and precisely using a grid method and could replicate shapes such as all the circles and lines that I had to use, which were the exact shape which saved time. When researching creating these patterns it was clear that there were quicker options available such as other shapes that could have need used, however the overlapping lines in the centre of the pattern would be lost because of this, which is part of the characteristics that make an islamic pattern is the interlacing shapes and geometry. Once the pattern was created it was simply a task of removing the circles that it was contained as well as some of the other lines which flushes out the actual shape of the pattern, in most of the guides that I found that used pencil and paper time was spent rubbing out half the work that they had just done, however in illustrator I can remove the lines or just toggle the visibility of the layers components. Once this is complete I began by increasing the stroke of the lines that I used and merging the layers. however this meant that the ends of the lines became squared off which is a problem so using he direct select tool I had to individually alter each point and making sure that everything lines up. Afterwards it is a matter of creating blocks of equal thickness on each side where the lines over lap making use that each line is going over then under; once this is complete I coloured the main shape black and the blocks white and merged these layers again and using the selection tool select he white blocks and use the pathfinder tool to delete the blocks which will result in a final shape which makes the lines look as if they are overlapping. I used this on all the patterns that I created and removed the blacks for the logo because it had to be simple so I couldn’t incorporate the intricate shapes.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 15.47.07


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