Business Card Layouts & Final Design

For the business card after my research I wanted the front to just contain the logo which could be embossed or foiled or both, which will make the logo stand out against the background colour of the colour scheme.

I began by using the interlacing pattern that I created to be the logo and had this centred on the business card so that the design is kept as simple as possible. The colour schemes are not in place yet so these are just test layouts for the business cards. I tried adding the hand written name to the next design under the logo, however to make sure that the name was still readable it meant that it was too close to the logo which could be adjusted, however i think that the font of the business card now looks too overcrowded and the logo is being forced upwards which affects the aesthetics of the brand. I altered the design moving the logo to the left and name to the right of the design, however this made the business card aesthetically unbalanced. The final design features the logo bleeding off the corner and the restaurant name at the opposite corner. I presented these to multiple graphic designers to get their opinions on the layouts and their view was the same as mine which was to keep the front of the business card clean and simple with just the logo and some open space because the logo is the first piece of imagery that will communicate the brand to the audience.

The back of the business cards has been designed to present the key information about the restaurant which people would need if they wanted to book a table through phoning the restaurant or through the website and/or travel there using the address. I kept the name on of the restaurant and kept a 7mm border around the edge to make sure that the information isn’t too close to the edge. A slight alteration was to place the logo in the blank space bleeding off the edge. The colour scheme that is present was designed to that the logo and name would be created using gold foil so that it stands out against the black background, however after some thought and how well foiling went in my Sake project that I would stay away from foiling as it wont always work out as well as I would like. The typeface is Arial, however in the final designs for the brand it was altered to Futura and the sizes of the information on the back were altered so that title manager has been dropped a point size so that the managers name stand out more and the address and phone number have also been dropped point sizes and the kerning has been altered so that they are easier to read.

For the final design I chose to keep the front of the business card to be clean with the logo as the main visual piece for the customer to see, on the back I kept the hand written restaurant name and tried adding restaurant underneath in Futura, however it didn’t sit well because if the descender on the Z in Azouma. I made the management status of the manager in italic so that the name above stands out more, I found that when test printing Futura in size 8 was still very clear and easy to read because of its thicker characters than Arial. The website and phone number have also had the pacing altered so that it is easier to read. I tried to have the background colour to be black so that the logo colour stood out more but the colour scheme that I created focused on a lighter colour palette. Instead of repeating the logo in the top right colour I included the more detailed 12 sided geometric pattern that I had created which brings some colour to the back of the card, however I made sure that the card didn’t become overcrowded.


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