Azouma Name Creation: Final Result and Extra Headers

After altering the A for I presented the work to people who didn’t know of the website to make sure that the typography that I have hand written communicated the region of the food that is provided by the restaurant. I am happy with the final result of the text and began thinking about the deliverables that would have the name presented on them such as the main menu and drinks menu and decided that instead of using the standard fonts that are going to be used to present what menu the consumer is looking at to present it in the same hand drawn style that I have used for the name. For some of the lettering it was already created in the name and so to keep them the same i just copied and pasted these and created the rest using the same calligraphic brush and looking at more of Hassan Massoudy’s work for inspiration about the letter anatomy that he uses as well as the structure and detailing of the lettering to give it the middle eastern theme.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 13.56.02

Menu was the easier title to create because I could use the original U and use the M as inspiration to create a capital version. I followed Shaun De Burca’s advice and began at the centre of the word and worked my way out using his grid method also. I used the similar aesthetic of the Z for the E as it will link to the name and communicates the style of how E and Z are presented. I added the 3 i’jam above the E also so it will connect back to the Main restaurant name.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 13.57.00

I copied the N from menu and a single i’jam and began the I which I wanted to have an ear similar to some of the other lettering that I had created. The K was difficult because I tried to produce it in one single motion however I tried different directions of writing the letter it became clear that I would have to create the letter in two parts, the stem of the K I made sure was similar to the I and created the bowl and leg separately. I am happy with how the lettering has come out and I cannot wait to start using these on the deliverables that they will be applied on.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 14.23.59


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