Colour Scheme Choices and Alterations.

I wanted to move away from the red and beige colour scheme that was used on the original Azouma brand. I considered creating a colour scheme that consisted of black, grey and gold to be used throughout the brand, with key information such as the brand name, logo and headings to be printed in golden foil with black pages and grey text for the body text. When researching branding on Behance this colour scheme looked professional when used in branding projects, however I think that this colour scheme would be too dark and for the brand and so i began designing with this colour scheme, but it was changed fairly early on. Also printing all the pages black will require a large amount of back ink because it is very difficult to find a printer that can print onto black paper and to keep in mind is that after my last use of gold foil is that if it doesn’t work all time and can look poor which would affect the professional look of the brand. Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 16.39.59Next was the use of a scale of colours ranging from the cold white and turquoise to the warmer red and brown variations, however in this colour scheme there were to many contrasts and the text and images that I used these on looked disjointed and didn’t communicate the colourful nature of the Moroccan markets and geometric patterns that I had researched and so I went back to the gold colour scheme as a place holder. I went back to my research and kept looking at different pieces of imagery and using the eye dropper tool took colours and tried to make combinations that could be used.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 16.39.46

I decided to take a break from looking for a colour scheme so that I could stay on schedule and would find a colour scheme later on in the project, however I was browsing Reddit when I found this image of the Nasir al mulk mosque which has this amazing tiled ceiling and stained glass windows. I used the eye dropper tool and created this colour scheme that when put into a gradient went form a cold turquoise to the warmer orange; I used this gradient on the logo using the compound path tool and found the colour scheme. I kept away from using the colder elements in this brand, however because I wanted the brand consist of warmer colours which are more inviting to the customer. I will be using the darker blue for some of the headings in the menus as I think this will stand out more against the white pages that any of the other colours.


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