Lady Bird Book Exhibition

We were given a task to visit the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill and view the exhibition based around the Ladybird Book illustrations, the illustrations were to scale and reduced in size for the books, so it was good seeing the detailed versions ing the exhibit.

I understood that the illustrations were nostalgic for some people because these were the books that they had grown up with when they were younger in their childhood and beyond, with the books ranging from books that were designed for younger children with short stories that could be read and understood easily to more detailed stories with increasingly detailed illustrations for older children.

The work that stood out to me the most was the Airline image because of the colours that had been added, the black and white illustrations were good because of the rich black and well simplified images that the artist had created in such a simplified manner, however it was this image that stood out the most because of the use of colour that had been used. These images had been coloured before there were time savers such as Photoshop or Illustrator where the colours could be changed and altered ever so slightly in a matter of seconds these images would have been a labour of love for the artist to create and colour and I think it’s a shame that because technology has advanced so quickly the older techniques used like the ones on this illustration are being forgotten when the results can turn out so well using traditional methods.


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