Target Audience

The target audience for the restaurant is foot traffic because Canterbury is a popular town for tourists and is also a student town. The brand will have to look professional and communicate the quality of the service provided, the target audience will be large because of the large amount of people who are in Canterbury every day and specifically weekend and later in the week. Azouma’s website has an option for customers to book their table through the website instead of having to book on the phone which is a function that I haven’t seen many restaurants use. Azouma also delivers which is a key part of the business that I think isn’t advertised at all on the website or at the door, which should be utilised to boost customer numbers. The delivery option could add another option which is to create a branded bag or container that the food is in when  delivered or customers taking food away from the restaurant. The span of the target audience is vast because there are the students who may not be able to eat out all the time, but could get a take-away delivered to them and advertising the brand to the tourist market means that although there may be a smaller return customer business there will always be new customers the next day/week arriving in Canterbury. Making sure that the brand is exposed to these groups will be key and that the brand communicates the services that they provide.



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