French Folding – Menu designs

For the menu I want to stay away form stapled spreads and thin menus that can bend easily. French folding will basically double the amount of pages that the menu will have which will mean that given the amount of pages that are in the menu I should be able to have a flat spine with thick pages that will have a memorable for the user. Another advantage of using french folded pages means that I do not have to make sure that for example page 3 is also page 67, french folding makes creating the menu easier because each page is the next one printed.

As you can see to improve the aesthetic of the pages the designers have printed patterns onto the inside of the pages to add some colour without having to colour the actual pages with the information on it. If I was to print on the inside of the pages I would have to make sure that the printers have enough ink because keeping the colours consistent throughout the pages is a must. Making sure that when I begin creating the menus that I make sure that they are all the pages are lined up exactly so that there are no pages poking out, this will make it easier for me to bind the menus.

Gary Nicholson created a book aimed at a new reader, which interacts with the 3D glasses which gives a different reading experience. The book has been printed and french folded and has a flat spine, even though it only has 8 pages including front and back inside covers, this is one of the reasons I would like to use french folding because I think it would be much preferred for the customer to hold menu that has a good weight and consistency.  The book is also been bound using thread that is very similar to the colours used in the book, which is an idea that could be used for my menus, but contrasting coloured thread could be used to make the other colours stand out more or blend with the base colour of the page.


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