French Folding – Inside the fold

After researching french folding I thought about how i could incorporate the colour scheme into the insides of the pages so that there was more colour integrated into the design. when I was designing the menus I had decided that I wanted to use the gradient that I had used on the logo to span through the inside of the folded page.

I designed 5 different inside page variations that I test printed and asked for opinions on and decided from there what I would use. I began by using two different variations of the gradient that I used for the colours scheme. Then next design was the detailed twelve pointed pattern that I had designed which I wanted to place on the inside so that the detailed imagery could be seen because at this point I was struggling to find a place to use the detailed pattern, however after test printing the page and folding it, it became clear that the pattern was very difficult to see unless the used actively looked for it, so this was not a viable option. Finally I experimented with using the logo as a repeating pattern through using the pattern tool in illustrator with and without colour, I reduce the opacity of both of these patterns so that they weren’t too visible, however when I compared all the inside patterns it was clear that with the 149 GSM paper that I was using for the french folded paper that any of these inside page ideas would show through the pages when printed through a laser and ink jet and so I finally decided not to use this technique in the final design because it would affect the clean design and professional finish that I would like to achieve.


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