Detailed 12 Pointed Geometric Star Creation

For the brand I wanted to have another geometric shape that I could use for the imagery of the brand, the original Idea was to create 2 different geometric patterns that I could use so that the customer could differentiate the drinks and main menu apart easily. I followed the other video tutorials that I had collected and began creating the frame-work for the pattern. I wanted to design this pattern so that it was much more detailed than the logo, however still use the colour scheme that I had created and still be linked by the target audience to the brand through the similarities that it has with the logo.

After creating the frame-work I began adding the detail to the pattern. After merging all the lines and removing the lines that crossed over each other I began by giving the whole pattern a dotted stroke (which was found on  about how to create an outline by altering the cap and corner of the strokes to rounded so that when they were altered to dashed lines they became dots and then I removed the stroke from the areas that I didn’t want any using the direct select tool.

Using my Intuos Pro M I began creating shapes that I had seen used on other Islamic patterns, I created a brush that would change it’s thickness dependent on the pressure that I applied to the tablet, which meant that I could get very intricate shapes quickly and then edit them using the direct select tool and manipulate the anchors to improve the shape so that it fit into the area.

I created the inside details, however the larger image was too big and so I removed that and created a more natural design taking inspiration from nature and adding this to the design, which is a key influence in the geometric patterns that I had been researching. I repeated the pattern throughout the design, the frame wasn’t exact so that the patterns fit inside.

Once the design was compete and checked I began colouring the design so that it linked to the brand and so added the same gradient that I had created for the brand so that it was more recognizable to the brand for target audience.


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