Delivery Bag Research

Azouma have a delivery/take away service that they provide and so instead of having a plain plastic or paper bag for the customer to be given/receive their food in I will be designing a branded bag that the restaurant can use instead. The bag will increase the visibility of the brand because it will be noticed by people when they are walking through town when taking their food home or its being delivered. Creating a bag that has to be a good size so that the food containers can easily fit into the bag and high enough so that the containers can be stacked on top of each other without the chance of them falling over or opening. Having the branded bags means that the restaurant is above the other placed that have take-away or delivery because the bags are of a higher quality.

Using the template maker website I created a net for the branded bag and so I wanted to create a bag that is similar quality to the Hollister and Super Dry bags. The bag will have a rope handle which will communicate the quality that the brand is trying to communicate to the audience. The logo and brand name have been positioned on the sides of the bag (both sides) and the gradient is added to the sides to communicate the brand colours. The logo and name of the brand have been placed on the white sides of the bag so they can be easily seen and stand out.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 20.30.23


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