Pick Me Up

Pick me up is an exhibition featured at Somerset House, which is a collection of artists which showcase their work to the public consisting of new illustration, graphic design and related disciplines to inspire. I think PMU had a large variety of artists and their respective fields, however most of the exhibitions were collections presented to the audience and talking to most of the artists was difficult because they were not there. I did enjoy my time at PMU because of the variations of the pieces and how my interest in product design overlapped into pieces. Here are my favourite pieces that I saw at Somerset House.

At PMU I spoke to the guys at the pocko exhibition. Pocko is a design agency that has a  roster of international talent that spans through traditional illustration to digital animation, photography and live performance and are based locally in London with ‘satellite’ agencies in Milan and LA. I spoke to Adam Hayes who was creating the hand rendered type and detailed line drawing. We spoke about his process and where he starts when creating something like this on such a large-scale and he said that he will start with typography and mark it out first in pencil and add the imagery around the text next and even overlapping the imagery over the text so that it is interacting with the type. I spoke to Adam about why he is with Pocko and he told me that Pocko helped him develop his style and talent so that he could go on to have clients such as Toyota, Sony and Apple through the showcasing of his work.


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