Typeface Analysis and Alterations

For this project I had the hand-written typography that I created to be used as the headings and titles for the menus, which meant that I wanted a typeface that could work well with the hand written type and which is clear for the reader. I began looking on behance.net for good typography that I could use and found multiple typefaces that I will be experimenting with before deciding.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 16.34.48

The aesthetics of the typefaces were a priority when looking for a typeface that could be used throughout the brand. I chose to use sans-serif typefaces because these would be clearer to read on the menu; test printing and asking for people’s opinions for these typefaces about their clarity and whether they could be linked to the hand written type.

Arkship has characteristics of the Russian cyrillic alphabet which are more block based characters and when scaled down to the sizes that are used on menus and books it became harder to read when printed because of the small gaps that are available in the counters, eyes and apertures of the letters.

Margot has the most clarity of the typeface when printed and on-screen. The characteristics of the typeface are that it has been designed to have ears on most of the letters, which could be linked to the hand written typography that I have used for the brand because of the decorative nature of the hand written type.

Ostrich Sans Medium was another typeface that I experimented with because of the light characteristics that it has. This typeface is aesthetically pleasing, however even with kerning the leading the letters are quite difficult to read when scaled down and would be harder to read if the environment was too dark and especially for older people it may cause some trouble too. Print quality can also effect this font because if the it isn’t crisp the lettering could be effected resulting in it being harder to read.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 16.34.59

I also looked at standard typefaces that were available because there are some that are very clean and can be easily read when scaled down. Gill Sans was chosen because it has a very clean aesthetic, which is opposite to the had written text, but it would be easier to read the key information for people. Gill sans has been used with Penguin Publishers, Tommy Hilfiger and the BBC News brands because of the clarity of the typeface with its origins as shop signage and so would be very good to be used throughout the brand because of its popularity.

Futurats has a distinct look and good readability, which makes Futura a good headline font for the brand as well as being used for the body text of the menus because of the clean letter anatomy that was originally made up of geometric shapes that give the font its modern look. Futura is bolder and more spread out than Gill Sans which makes it a contender because it can be reduced to a smaller size and still remain clear enough to read.

Arial is a clean and easy to read font that lends itself well for body text and is quite similar to helvetica. Arial has become a staple for textual content and has increased in use in digital media, which has created some dislike for the typeface because it has been overused and so it clean aesthetic has become it’s only characteristic. After presenting the typeface at an interim critique it was a general consensus that Arial was too overused and lacked personality and so I altered the typeface used for the brand to Futura and found that it condensed the type that I could alter the layout which would be better for the menu.


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